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Our Story

We think it has something to do with the quality of products we export to our customers. A principle that was uppermost in 1978 – the year that Mohammed Aurangzeb set the foundations of the company.

In 1978, in pursuit of exporting traditional Pakistani food stuff Mohammed setup a company in Islamabad. While experimenting with different ways of manufacturing spices, out of the other side came…..Bassar (curry masala).

Taking the first batch to UK by airplane in his personal luggage confirmed that here indeed was the delicious recipe Mohammed had been seeking.
When orders start coming for the new curry powder from the local shops, Mohammed knew he was onto a good thing and decided to set up a company in his native land Islampura Jabbar.

From humble beginnings we have grown – expanding our variety of exports. As of 2010 we have launched over 30 new products.