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Adil Trading companies safety procedures are subject to the strictest protocols to ensure that our food supplies remain to the highest standard: meeting and exceeding food safety regulations. Our procedures start from the point of choosing from which manufacturer we will source our products. We aim to make sure that our suppliers all meet the highest standards in food processing and packaging.

This involves a number of undertakings, some of which are: verifying that manufacturers’ HACCP procedures are in place and are fully accredited; ensuring that their health and safety record is clean; ensuring that their ISO standards have been issued and certified.

At Adil Trading company we have 2 departments for the handling of food. The first department focuses on food processing from external suppliers, and the second department on manufacturing. Each department has its own protocols in place to ensure that the food is processed regardless of any external manufacturers’ guarantees; this is because we want to ensure the highest standards for our customers to which they have become so accustomed over the last 30 years; for this reason, with our valued customers in mind, we cannot afford to bring Adil Tradings name into disrepute, which is why we maintain the highest food safety standards.

From the stage of storage, to packaging, to the point of distribution; each stage undergoes close observation from our health and safety officer who seeks to ensure that not only our procedures are being implemented, but also that the procedures are efficient for the purpose for which they were designed.

Both departments work in collaboration to ensure that they fulfill their respective roles. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding our safety procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details provided.